“…the biggest win came from good old SQL on a Vertica data warehouse and from providing access to data to dozens of analytics staffers who could follow their own curiosity and distill and analyze data as they needed.”

– Excerpted from How Vertica Was The Star Of The Obama Campaign by Dan Woods, CITO Research, January 13 2013

My name is Noel McKinney and I was the database engineer at President Obama’s 2012 re-election headquarters. I joined the campaign in July 2011 and worked with the campaign’s Technology, Analytics and DevOps teams as well as the Democratic National Committee’s voter file operations. This was arguably the most technology-oriented and data-driven political campaign in history.

I am co-owner of a consulting firm named The Constant Group, Inc. My recent engagements through this firm include the following:

  • Team member of a firm that provides cloud technology solutions and training.
  • Implemented cloud-based “NoSQL” database solutions for a major sports network.
  • Solved database performance and reliability issues for a data analytics firm.
  • Designed and built database reporting solutions for an investment advisor services firm.
  • Helped roll together the separate technology teams of two companies into a single team after one of the companies acquired the other.

Prior to joining the 2012 U.S. Presidential re-election campaign, I was the vice president of engineering and development at a financial data management firm. Early in my career, I taught economics at a university and worked as an analyst at a Fortune 100 computer company.

My master’s degrees are in computer science and applied economics. As a graduate assistant, my duties typically involved performing statistical analysis and data tasks for faculty research projects.

More about my background as well as contact information is available here.

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