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In two weeks I’ll be boarding a ship in Miami to join fourteen other database professionals and two trainers on SQLCruise.  It occurred to me that twenty-nine years ago I went on a summer excursion for computer training.  Perhaps some things never change!

My previous post mentioned the limited access to computers in my youth.  My first opportunity to gain hands-on computer instruction came when I left home to attend a week of summer computer camp before my senior year of high school.  Last week I dug through some boxes in the storage room and finally found this treasure.

It cost $200 to attend this camp.  I remember this because my parents wisely had me pay for it myself so that I’d take it seriously and get the most out of the experience. At that time $200 was the most I’d ever paid for anything.  I had to think long and hard about it.

Fast forward twenty-nine years when cost didn’t really factor into my recent decision to attend SQLCruise because it’s so affordable.  To tell you the truth, when the price was announced I started digging around for some fine print related to kitchen duty, becoming part of a barnacle removal crew, pirate hostage exchange candidate, shark baiting, life jacket tester, etc.  In the end, the low cost can be attributed to the same factor that plays a constant role in supporting our fantastic SQL Server community, and that factor is generous sponsors.  How generous?  One of the sponsors held a contest to send one person on SQLCruise, then decided to send all four entrants.

So if I may, allow me to end by shouting out a big “Thank You” to SQL Sentry, Redgate, and Quest for getting behind yet another concept in SQL Server training while spoiling us with books, gift certificates, t-shirts, laptop stickers and contests!

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  1. Bob Pusateri says:

    LOL great pic! I also get a kick out of the caption “…accommodates 40 high school age young men…” So were the ladies not allowed, or just none signed up?

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  3. Karen Lopez says:

    Rose-Hulman was very difficult to get in to. I remember being jealous of my male schoolmates when it came time to apply for school.

    I, of course, went straight to Purdue, the only school I applied to. But I did attend a computer camp at Ball State during my high school year. Same sort of deal – about 30-40 students. The most amazing part was that my parents actually let me drive to the Ball State Campus, some 7 miles from our home. Very subversive.

    • I didn’t understand how the all male environment was supposed to enhance the education experience. However, my parents really wanted me to go there and asked me to at least try it for a year, so that’s what I did.

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