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Two weeks ago, I had a dilemma.  I had left home for a ten-day trip with carry-on luggage that had little free space available.  Attending SQL Saturday 40 not only filled my mind with some new knowledge and my heart with new friendships, but also added some new t-shirts to the carry-on luggage.  Then came SQLCruise and the showering of swag.  Note that the spread below doesn’t include everything received before the cruise.

With this, the SQLCruise sponsors SQL Sentry, Redgate, and Quest had made sure that my carry-on luggage was not going to be sufficient for the trip home.

SQLCruise ended at the beginning of  a weekend.  There wasn’t anything we could accomplish at home that couldn’t be done just as easily with our netbooks and wireless router under palm trees, so we decided to spend a few days in Miami’s South Beach.  Across the street from our hotel we found a luggage store with a piece of bait in the window.  By “bait” I mean the $22 suitcase they use to draw you into the store so they can upsell you a $500 set of coordinated designer luggage.  It looked like the perfect vessel for carrying a boatload of swag home.

As a bonus, I can’t imagine I’ll ever have to worry that someone is going to steal it.

Finally, some of my twitter followers asked if I liked my new Red Oxx Air Boss carry-on.  I got this bag after reading travel tips from Brad McGehee earlier this year.  The Air Boss is well constructed, lightweight, and very easy to pack and unload.  I’m very pleased with it, but there are a couple of caveats.  The first is that it doesn’t have wheels, so you end up shoulder-slinging it.  If you need wheels or are used to having them, this can be a problem.  The second is that the bag can be over-packed and if this happens it will bulge out beyond allowed carry-on dimensions (or it will look that way, which can be enough to make it disallowed).  So I don’t think the bag is for everyone, but it’s working great for me.

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  1. Karen Lopez says:

    Love the lit up lava light touch.

    I so need to get a good carry on. I’m sill not sold on a no wheelie approach, mostly due to the standing around part of travel. What sort of protection does the bag have? Metal feet?

    • The lava light has to be on in pictures if I recall the scavenger hunt rules correctly! No metal (or any kind of) feet on the Air Boss, maybe because it would add weight or create a wear point? It’s really rugged though and I’ve never read a review where anyone said it needed metal or plastic feet.

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