SQLCruise Swag Gets Dynamic

Dynamic management views appeared with SQL Server 2005, and they’ve opened up a great deal of information on what’s happening with your server.  These objects are well documented, and you can even find them listed on big, glossy posters.  However, a big list can be daunting to dive into without a sense of direction, so at some point you might want a guided path for learning how to utilize dynamic management views.  With that in mind, I ordered Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views this week, and it arrived just in time for the weekend.  UPDATE 2010/11/13 – this link will take you to the product page at Amazon where I posted a more thorough review after reading the book.

One of the authors is Louis Davidson (Blog|Twitter), and I really want to get a quick jump into this book because I’ll be seeing him in two weeks at SQLSaturday #49 in Orlando.  The other author is Tim Ford (Blog|Twitter), and during SQLCruise he taught a session titled Deep Dive Into Dynamic Management Objects.

Speaking of SQLCruise, this book ended up becoming a gift from one of the event’s sponsors.  This week, two months after the cruise, Red Gate Software sent a gift certificate to everyone in the SQLCruise 2010 class, and I used it to purchase this book.  Once again, thank you to Red Gate for their incredible support of the SQL Server community!

Since my copy of book just arrived today, I haven’t had enough time to report back with a detailed and proper review.  However, I can say that the format is what I’d hoped to find.  It starts with introductory and overview information on using the views, then each chapter narrows in on using dynamic management views to address a particular topic or issue, and finally there’s a thorough index for referencing the views and their use.  The book is organized and thought-out with purpose, and it’s not just a big list of object names dumped out on page.

The cover image on this book is by Tim Ford, and it’s a photograph near water.  This inspired me to go out on my balcony (overlooking the Chicago River North Branch) to get a quick photo of me holding the book near water.

A serious performance tuning book deserves a serious look on my face.  Also, I’m imagining how miserable the evening will be if my iPhone slips out of my hand and into the river while I’m trying to snap this picture.

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