Summit 2010 DVDs Arrived

My 2010 PASS Summit session recordings DVD box set arrived today!

The package was shipped air mail from Canada, so it went through customs.  This could explain why some people received their DVDs long before the rest of us.

The box set included one disk for the App Dev track, one for Professional Development, two disks for the Business Intelligence (BI) track and two disks for the DBA track.  Since my Summit experience included attending a post-con workshop, I paid extra to get the BI pre/post-con disk as well.

In case you can't tell, this blog is also my creative outlet

The plastic box containing the DVDs is quite rugged.  It was banged-up quite a bit, which made me wonder if Gogo Yubari played a role in delivering the package to my mailbox.  Fortunately, my SQLCruise lava lamp provided by SQL Sentry provides protection from martial arts weapons.

With that, I have some PASS Summit sessions to begin watching!

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