24 Hours of PASS in March

The next 24 Hours of PASS event takes place this March.  The deadline to submit abstracts is next Friday, January 14th.  I have not said anything about it so far, but I’ve decided to change that.  So here it goes.

It’s an exciting and fantastic idea to exclusively invite women speakers for this event.  I wholly support this, and it makes me proud to be a part of the SQL Server community.  There, I said it.

Okay, I guess I’m not done.  I’d like to mention something to the women who see this – if you haven’t submitted an abstract yet, you should.  The reason I say this is simple.  My blog is so obscure that just visiting here proves you are in a rare, select group of qualified individuals!

I’m not going to elaborate much more, because there are other posts regarding the invitation to this event that you can read instead.  For example, I would encourage you to read this post by Karen Lopez (Blog|Twitter) from last month, or yesterday’s post by Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter).

So why have I been silent about voicing my support for this event?  I think it goes back to the first Women in Technology event I attended.  When it was over, I asked someone what she thought, and she quietly said that “the men talked a lot.”  When I heard that, the responses began forming in my mind.  Words like “these issues impact men also” or “it should be viewed as positive that so many men participated” or whatever, who cares, since it doesn’t really matter does it?  Because that’s when it dawned on me.  Sometimes, it’s a good idea to be silent, listen, and try to understand.

I’m not saying that men need to shut-up or anything like that, because it’s not for me to decide what others should do.  For me, personally, however, I did decide that more is to be gained if I listen, reflect and truly think about what I can do, rather than trying to say something that’s probably not terribly insightful or helpful when all is said and done.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that sometimes, silent participation is, in fact, not so passive after all.

With that, I’m finished since I just wanted to raise my hand in support of this event.  That’s all, and I hope this post did so in an appropriate and helpful manner.

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