Meme Monday – 11 word SQL Story

Thomas LaRock (Blog|Twitter) has created a new blog party, Meme Monday.  With this, Tom asked us to “Write a SQL blog post that tells a story in 11 words or less.”  But that’s not all, we should tag three other bloggers to follow the meme.  So here we go.

My 11 word story

Some good database management systems are free but hardware is not.

Three tags

  1. David Howard (Blog|Twitter)
  2. John Pertell (Blog|Twitter)
  3. Mike Reigler (Blog|Twitter)

Wrap up?

That’s it, eleven words and three tags.  You want more?  Okay!  I’ll elaborate a bit on the eleven word story then.

As I mentioned in a prior post, I used to work primarily with an open source stack utilizing MySQL as the database management component.  It seemed that there was an attitude that since MySQL was free, it should be run on cheap hardware.  By “cheap hardware” I mean using consumer-grade desktop personal computers (with IDE hard drives) as servers.  So I’d hear a fair number of complaints about MySQL being flaky and such, when much of the blame probably belonged with the environment it was running on.

I’ve more than exceeded eleven words, so I’ll wrap this up by saying “Thanks!” to Thomas LaRock for launching this meme.  I look forward to reading what everyone else comes up with!

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