SQLCruise Alaska – Going Once, Going Twice

Going once, going twice, three times. It’s gone!

But it doesn’t have to be gone. You don’t have to let this one get away. There’s one spot remaining on SQLCruise Alaska 2011 and the deadline for registration is May 13 2011. Yes, I know that’s Friday the 13th. If you’re superstitious then just break a mirror while petting a black cat under a ladder or something like that.

Speaking of “going twice” this will be my second SQLCruise, and I won’t be the only repeat customer on this training adventure. As I mentioned in a previous post, learning happens constantly and not just in the formal classes. Cruisers have a tendency to discuss SQL Server experiences and issues wherever they gather, and not just in training sessions. Take a look at the cruisers who have already signed up and you’ll see a great deal of experience there. Also review the agenda to see what Brent Ozar, Tim Ford, Buck Woody, Grant Fritchey, Aaron Bertrand, Kendra Little, and Jeremiah Peschka have in store for the trip.

Finally, thanks so much to the SQLCruise Alaska sponsors: Confio Software, Idera, SQL Sentry, Quest Software, and Red Gate Software … you need to check out those links because they’ve got a boatload of free tools, downloads, trial software, etc. Not only is SQLCruise made possible by these sponsors, but they make it a lot of fun too!

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