SQLCruise Book Review Number 1

During SQLCruise Alaska last month, Buck Woody (Blog|Twitter) challenged us to pick twelve books to read that would help us with our professional development goals in the year ahead. Almost a month ago, I posted my book list.

I started by reading the last book on my list. That book is Yes We Did! An inside look at how social media built the Obama brand by Rahaf Harfoush (Blog|Twitter).

Rahaf worked on the President’s campaign in 2008. Her book provides an in-depth view and discussion of how technology was utilized during that campaign.

This book was very helpful in preparing for my new job.

And with that, I have a disclaimer. This review is not exactly unbiased.


I am on the Technology Team at Obama For America.

A lot of you had a hand in this. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

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13 Responses to SQLCruise Book Review Number 1

  1. Brent Ozar says:

    WOW. Holy smokes, man, that’s amazing. I am SO happy for you!

    • Thanks Brent, that means a lot. Several times a day I lean back from the keyboard and look around, and it just blows me away to think of where I’m sitting. Amazing indeed!

  2. Robert Miller says:

    Congratulations on the new gig. Looking forward to what happens next.

  3. Matt Velic says:

    That is fantastic! I hope that you’ll have the chance to tell us more about what you’ll be doing for the campaign. Back when I was in fundraising, I had the chance to listen to a presentation by Blue State Digital, the folks who helped market/brand Obama’s 2008 campaign online. Got to say: I’m jealous, it’s going to be a hell of a couple months.

  4. Neil Hambly says:

    Noel – fantastic news
    This is a just another example of how extraordinary the people who I meet on the SQLCruise are, I’m sure you continue to be a inspiration to all those around you on a daily basis – good luck with the role

    • Thanks Neil, the SQLCruise folks are an amazing crowd. I’m surrounded by inspiring people daily and just try to keep from falling too far behind!

  5. Buck Woody says:

    Nicely done! Only eleven more to go…this year, anyway! 🙂

  6. Claire says:

    Wow. I can’t think of a more exciting technology job. I mean, I’m racking my brains and coming up empty. Many many congratulations!
    I thought Harfoush’s book was not incredibly relevatory, to be honest. I was really interested in how the campaign was tracking and measuring its data, from engagement levels to sentiment to online donations, and she really didn’t provide any details. Maybe it’s a confidentiality thing, but this is presumably a book about strategy, and strategies should be backed up.

    • Thanks Claire! However, with a little imagination, you could think of a more exciting technology job. Perhaps something involving lasers. And spaceships. And sharks.

  7. Congratulations and all the best in your new role. The next few months will be amazing for you!!

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