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Programs of Study

My formal university education programs are listed below in reverse chronological order.

DePaul University 1999-2001 M.S. Computer Science

  • Primary Area: Database Management Systems
  • Secondary Areas: Software Engineering, Data Communications

Purdue University 1996-1998

  • Krannert Graduate School of Management doctoral program, no degree
  • Completed coursework in quantitative methods, economics and accounting.
  • Left the program voluntarily and in good academic standing. My reason for leaving was that I lost interest in becoming an accounting professor. Thus, there was little point in continuing with a program (I was in the third year of a 6-8 year program of study) that was focused on preparing for that position. Also, I realized that I wanted to focus on working with data and technology, which is why I entered the Computer Science program listed above.

Wright State University 1989-1991 M.S. Applied Economics

  • This was an amazing experience. I wanted a program focused on applying data, statistics and computers to addressing economic issues, and that’s exactly what was delivered.

Purdue University 1983-1987 B.S. Management

  • Entered as a late transfer student (see below) without a declared major or program of study. I probably took advantage of that a bit by using it as an excuse to try different things. I found that my favorite courses were those in accounting, finance, math and psychology. So I settled into the School of Management because I could take those types of courses and end up with a degree in a reasonable amount of time.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 1982-1983

  • This school was not a fit for me. At that time, there were only 1,200 students, all male. The small campus was isolated in the countryside miles outside of town, and I didn’t have a car. After spending a year at Rose-Hulman I transferred to Purdue.


Some of the courses completed as a graduate student in programs listed above appear below.

DePaul University 1999-2001 M.S. Computer Science

  • Database Technologies (CSC 449)
  • Database Programming (CSC 452)
  • Design &Analysis of Algorithms (CSC 491)
  • Advanced Database Systems (CSC 549)
  • Distributed Database Systems (CSC 551)
  • Object Oriented Software Development (SE 450)
  • Software Development Methods (SE 455)
  • Distributed Software Development (SE 550)
  • Concurrent Software Development (SE 552)
  • Data Communications (TDC 462)
  • Computer Networks & Data Systems (TDC 463)
  • Network Programming (TDC 561)

Purdue University 1996-1998 doctoral program (no degree)

  • Price Theory (ECON 607)
  • Game Theory (ECON 610)
  • Mathematical Analysis for Economists (ECON 615)
  • Quantitative Economics I (ECON 670)
  • Quantitative Economics II (ECON 671)
  • Foundations of Analysis (MA 341)
  • External Accounting Seminar I (MGMT 606)
  • Internal Accounting Seminar (MGMT 607)
  • Accounting Research Seminar (MGMT 608)
  • External Accounting Seminar II (MGMT 609)
  • Financial Management (MGMT 610)
  • Quantitative Methods III (MGMT 672)

Wright State University 1989-1991 M.S. Applied Economics

  • Mathematical Economics (EC 610)
  • Forecasting Economic Activities (EC 612)
  • Applied Econometrics (EC 709)
  • Applied Microeconomics (EC 715)
  • Applied Macroeconomics (EC 717)
  • Contemporary Political Economy (EC 721)
  • Economic and Social Systems (EC 725)
  • Economic Studies in Industrial Organization (EC 777)
  • Economic Problems Seminar – Poverty (EC 780)
  • Economic Problems Seminar – Education (EC 780)
  • Statistical Methods for Business Decisions (MS 715)
  • Theory of Statistics (STT 661)

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