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Throughout life I’ve enjoyed working in many endeavours including lawn care, painting commercial and residential buildings, various types of farm work, swimming pool maintenance and construction… however, you are probably more interested in my positions discussed below.

I am a co-owner of The Constant Group Inc. and conduct business through this firm. This most often consists of bill-by-the-hour consulting or contract work for clients, and such work is usually related to database technology. How much work I do through The Constant Group Inc. in a given time period primarily depends on whether or not I am also on the payroll of another organization (see below) during that time. Client work done through The Constant Group Inc. is confidential, therefore I do not list client names or the specific work done for them.

The positions listed below are in reverse chronological order. These are positions where I have been an employee of an organization other than The Constant Group Inc. Note that there are gaps in this timeline because work I have done through The Constant Group Inc. or independently is not included, plus I have spent a considerable number of years as a university student.

Database Engineer Obama For America, Democratic National Committee  2011 – 2012

Vice President of Engineering and Development Insignis Inc. 2010 – 2011

Senior Software Developer Insignis Inc. 2009 – 2010

Database Administrator Spectrum Global Fund Administration (now part of AlphaMetrix) 2005

Software Developer Insignis Inc. 2001 – 2005

Grader DePaul University circa 1999 – 2001

  • Graded student homework, exams, etc. for various C++ programming courses

Research Assistant Purdue University 1996 – 1998

  • Fantastic experiences working with Mark Penno, Susan Watts and Mark Bagnoli. Professor Penno would have me read articles then present them to him. Professors Watts and Bagnoli had me pouring over data related to their groundbreaking whisper number work.

Adjunct Instructor Wright State University 1992 – 1995

  • Taught undergraduate courses on economic principles and financial markets

Research Assistant, Wright State University 1990 – 1991

Financial Analyst NCR Corporation 1987 – 1988

  • In this job, I learned to truly appreciate data instead of just seeing it as an excuse to use computers.
  • This was my first job where I built solutions using a database management system (Dbase III)

Data Processing Clerk State Farm Insurance 1984

  • Worked on a team that transferred paper documents into a computer-retrieved microfiche document system.
  • There were warehouse-sized rooms with row after row of file cabinets. My job was to pull paper documents from cabinets. I also had to track each document through the conversion process so that it could be located quickly if needed (e.g. as evidence in a legal dispute) before it was converted to microfiche and cataloged.

Note that my profile at LinkedIn is kept up-to-date and contains some of this information.

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