Blogger Disclosure

Blogger Disclosure Information

Brent Ozar said that we bloggers should have one of these pages and that we could copy his format that appears here. Also, the US Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers disclose their relationships publicly. Plus, I think it’s a fine idea for you to be informed about me if you are going to the trouble of visiting my blog. Here we go.

Are you paid to blog?

I am not paid to blog. I blog as part of providing an online web presence or persona. Through this I hope to deepen my connection with communities both online and in the “real” world. I also might promote myself a little bit along the way. I like to think that by working with others I’m providing help, and this blog gives me an avenue for letting people know I’m out here. Also, I do have some Amazon affiliate links on this blog, but they haven’t brought me enough money to say I’m being paid to blog (mandatory disclosure: Noel McKinney is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

So if you don’t get paid to blog what’s your line of work?

I co-own an S-Corp, The Constant Group Inc., with my wife, and we conduct business through this firm. For me this primarily consists of consulting work. I am a minority shareholder in this firm.

I have sometimes worked as an employee of other organizations while writing this blog. From the time that I started this blog in July 2010 until July 2011, I was a full-time employee of Insignis Inc., a data service provider to the financial industry. My title at Insignis was Vice President of Engineering and Development. After that, I worked at the headquarters of The President’s re-election campaign headquarters as a database engineer. During that time, I was on the payroll of the campaign, and part of that time I was also on the payroll of the national party headquarters.

Can you tell me more about this consulting work?

I often work as a consultant/contractor doing bill-by-the-hour work, typically related to database technology – development, design, performance and optimization, etc. The Constant Group Inc. (mentioned above) is my vehicle for conducting such work.

Other activities in which The Constant Group has engaged includes management consulting, business advisory, business brokerage (buy and sell side) plus business appraisal/valuation related activities. I have participated at some level in several of these engagements.

What about blog comments and other web activities?

Comments left on this blog by others are generally reviewed by me for approval, unless it’s a repeat commenter who has previously received my approval (in such cases I still get a notification and will read the comment as time allows and moderate it if necessary). I don’t use any kind of identity verification for commenters, so take this into account.

I do leave comments on other blogs and typically use my full name “Noel McKinney” when doing so, although you might run across some cases (usually older comments) where I’ve just used my first name. My comments on these sites are not under my control.

I’m also on LinkedIn and sometimes participate in technology-related sites and forums such as, and I’m on FaceBook as well.

What about events and free goodies?

I’ve blogged about community and training events such as SQL Saturday, the PASS Summit, SQLCruise, etc. However, I have not received compensation for writing about these events.

Any goods or services I have received generally fall into the same category as things received by many participants to such events. Examples include everything from pens, laptop stickers, and squeeze balls, or further up to food and beverages, and as far as value goes I’ve topped out at books. The retail value of such books is around $50 at the most. On this blog I have reviewed or mentioned some of the books received at such events, but never for compensation or in exchange for said book. Likewise, I was a judge in a database vendor contest once, but I’ve only mentioned their firm in this blog (the same as vendors who have sponsored events I’ve attended such as SQLCruise).

Anything else worth mentioning?

I think that’s enough, but if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.